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Artwork by Tristan Gac

Awareness concept:
The actions or display of the following behaviors are not tolerated: slutshamming, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, validism, discrimination as well as disrespect for consent. If you have any concerns, contact us directly, we are here for you! Every shape, color, gender, soul, body and sex are WELCOME and CELEBRATED !!!



Slikback (real name: Freddy M Njau) is an electronic producer from Nairobi, Kenya mainly focusing on noise, bass and high intensity rhythms. Taking elements from different genres like trap, techno, gqom, trance, and more to create his own unique blend. His wide range of sound can be found in his multiple releases that aim to be an expression of his emotions at the time of creation.



Izzy Spears is a songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and composer from Atlanta. He launched himself onto the music scene in 2019 with the Anonymous Club, a collective of artists, designers, and musicians hand-selected by Shayne Oliver, a fashion designer, musician, and founder of the New York City high fashion brand Hood By Air.
With the elite group, Spears has released three singles, including “Bleedinout” and “Backdoor,” both of which appear on Anonymous Club’s 2021 album SCREENSAVERS VOL 1.
His debut single ‘FIST’ was released Late August 2022 and featured on Spotify top playlists Anti Pop, New Music Fridays and the cover of Fresh Finds. His latest single, "Bad News", was released in September and has amassed thousands of streams and features on New Music Fridays + Global, Fuzzy and singled out.
His music is a fusion of numerous genres, including rock, punk, hip hop, and grunge, that blend together to create his own unprecedented sound.
Spears, who is now based in Los Angeles, is coming off a European tour with platinum-selling artist Yves Tumor, where he gave fans a taste of his upcoming EP and received an enthusiastic response in return. He’s worked with other prominent artists including LEECH and Grammy-nominated producer Chris Greatti and recently performed at the Boiler Room in New York City. Spears most recent achievements also include a support tour for TR/ST including press features for Office, Autre and HYPEBEAST.



From her base in Toronto, E-Saggila covertly binds industrial music's harshest pole of rhythmic intensity with club-wise shock tactics to create a dark and emotive soundtrack to snap us out of our digital daze.
Locked into the idea that music's most extreme and abstract forms have everything to do with the development of dance music culture, E-Saggila carries the DIY ethos that underpins it all right into techno's contemporary core.
Part destruction, part reconstruction, it's a sense that's increasingly swarming techno's mainline.
A keen feel for elegiac ambient compositions glues much of her work together, and it offers much needed respite from the intensity that's otherwise closely stacked up.
The eloquent and melancholic moments typically descend into grim cul-de-sacs, only to corner us there with strong doses of gabber's brutal horsepower.
Often topping the low end with a frenzy of breakbeat workouts, E-Saggila is lethal in her hectic bursts. Her discography includes a collection of tapes from her own label, as well as releases on Opal Tapes, Hospital Productions, and Northern Electronics. Off the back of this, E-Saggila has showcased her live work across the globe.
Going forward with upcoming works, her ascent is becoming sharper and evermore crucial.



A multi-instrumentalist, Olin Caprison composes, produces, and performs for all of VIOLENCE's output.
Their compositions are known for dissecting genres and dismantling historical hierarchies; not only through orchestration but also through lyrical content which merges personal narratives with meditations on the oppressive nature of history, the idea of genetic memory, the stigmas that would result from such an idea, and compassion.
Olin Caprison began performing as VIOLENCE in 2010.
They were featured on "Ashland Mines" compilation Blasting Voice for Teenage Teardrops before a physical release with Steak au Zoo Records in 2012.
A European tour followed the next summer.
VIOLENCE then self released a number of EPs and performed throughout the United States.
In 2015, they became a featured artist on C-ORE, the premiere compilation of Mykki Blanco's DogFood Music Group.
In support of the release VIOLENCE toured alongside Mykki Blanco and Yves Tumor.
In 2016 VIOLENCE signed to NON Worldwide and released A Ruse of Power.
After several tours in support of the album, VIOLENCE shifted focus to creating scores for various interdisciplinary performances, collaborating with dramaturge Kandis Williams and the Forsythe Companies Josh Johnson on their international project "Affect:Network:Territory", as well as providing the score for several multimedia performance works by director and artist Richard Kennedy.
VIOLENCE then released Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden with New York based label Purple Tape Pedigree in 2017.
Two European tours followed, as well as performances at the Sonic Acts Academy in Amsterdam, Click Festival in Denmark, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Arts, and the Brooklyn Museum in New York.
In 2019 Caprison was rewarded a MacDowell Fellowship, and in 2020 became an NTS WIP recipient.



DJGARBAGE is a Paris based artist with high intensity DJ sets. With immaculate vibes From Mild to Wild @djgarbage doesn’t shy away from any BPM, Nevertheless every Beat Pounds MegaTM.

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